A pioneer in ESG

We began our ESG journey over 30 years ago with our first sector-screened strategy. Since then, we have established a strong Responsible Investment governance framework and a wide range of ESG solutions.

Returns and Responsibility

It’s in our Nordic DNA

Responsible Investment Framework

We have developed a comprehensive RI Framework which comprises a wide range of RI approaches. Our RI Committee, chaired by NAM’s CEO, governs this framework and our RI Policy.

Within this framework all of our strategies are subjected to certain corporate level RI overlays:

• Engagement (incl. voting rights)
• Corporate level exclusion list
• ESG integration

While engagement is always NAM’s preferred approach, we have made a corporate-level decision to exclude certain stocks, sectors, and practices across our entire active fund range. Our RI policy details these sector exclusions and is complemented by specific company exclusion list.

Solutions designed to create positive change

Our ESG STARS range raises the bar in terms of responsible investment solutions.
Consisting of both equity and fixed income solutions, these solutions invest only in companies that live up to NAM’s high ESG standards. STARS portfolio managers seek to find tomorrow’s sustainable corporate leaders through collaboration with our Responsible Investments Team and the use of proprietary ESG analysis.

We also offer a range of thematic strategies that address specific global issues:

  • Our Global Climate and Environment strategy invests in companies that bring solutions to address the global climate challenge.
  • Our Global Gender Diversity strategy focuses on companies at the forefront of gender diversity.
  • Our Global Social Empowerment strategy turns its attention to the “S” in ESG, investing in companies that offer solutions to the world’s social challenges.