Actively engaged

To support our mission to deliver returns and responsibility, we engage with companies to help them enhance and maintain their ESG activities.

Creating positive change

Active ownership is a powerful way to protect shareholder value, enhance long-term returns and foster positive change. We do this by exercising our formal voting rights as well as proactively engaging with companies and encouraging them to improve their management systems and ESG performance.

Source: Nordea Asset Management Responsible Investments Report 2023

Methane collaborative engagement

Methane is a greenhouse gas with a warming effect of a full 80 times that of C02. That makes bringing down emissions of methane one of the most effective short-term ways to slow the rate of climate change. In the blistering heat of Texas, Nordea Asset Management and collaborators went on a week-long field trip to Houston and the Permian Basin to engage 12 oil and gas companies on methane emissions measurement, reporting and mitigation. The objective is for target companies to achieve near-zero methane emissions backed by the Oil and Gas Methane Partnership 2.0 (OGMP 2.0) Gold Standard reporting. The team also participated as speakers at the Global Methane Mitigation Summit, and arranged targeted workshops both in Texas and later in Canada, bringing new companies together with experts from the United Nations and existing signatories to OGMP 2.0, to learn from each other.

Methane Engagement Case

Engaging with companies in the oil and gas industry on the disclosure and mitigation of their methane emissions.

Key points:

Danger in the water

Engaging with pharmaceutical companies to address the role they play in India’s water pollution crisis.

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