Diversity & Inclusion

We are committed to ensuring our corporate structure and workplace reflect our respect for diversity and inclusion (D&I).

CEO Statement

“Our success begins with ensuring every employee feels welcomed and has equal access to opportunities.”

Nils Bolmstrand

CEO, Nordea Asset Management (NAM)

What does D&I mean to me?

Our staff members share their views on D&I at NAM

What does D&I mean to me?

Our staff members share their views on D&I at NAM

40+ nationalities


Present in 18 countries


Women in leadership positions


No gender should exceed 60% representation on any level of hierarchy

Diversity & Inclusion is a vital part of our corporate DNA. Our governance structure reflects this reality and it is embraced at the highest levels within the company.

D&I Highlights


Internal Ambassadors

Our D&I ambassadors work to enhance NAM's culture through initiatives aimed at empowering employees and increasing their involvement.


Annual Employee Survey

Our D&I Survey is a culture assessment of staff’s personal values as well as current and desired company values. The survey allows staff to contribute to an even more inclusive, faire and better place to work.


Inclusive Job Ads

Because language can be biased, NAM utilises a software that scans our job ads to ensure they cater to all prospective employees in a neutral, unbiased way.


NAM Mentorship Programme

A two-tracked mentorship programme for a diverse group of people with the desire of advancing further either as a specialist or in a leader role. The programme aims to support the participants personal and professional development through mentoring.


Unconscious Bias Awareness Training

Unconscious biases can be a huge setback in creating a truly diverse and inclusive workplace and can also impact business activities. Therefore, all teams in NAM are required to participate in an Unconscious Bias Awareness training session.

Credentials & Partnerships

Nordea supports Pride

We are part of a larger organization which is also committed to the D&I agenda