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Last year was ‘the year of ESG’ according to The Financial Times, with assets in the ‘environmental, social and governance’ (ESG) space reaching a record high of USD 960bn by the end of the year. This explosive growth is an ongoing process that steadily brings new challenges and opportunities.
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We can look at the macroeconomic outlook for 2022 either through the prism of growth and inflation or in terms of valuation, though both are interlinked. Growth and inflation are not overly problematic. Inflation should stabilize by the end of the year as supply chain disruptions abate, and the outlook on growth is likely one of moderation in advanced economies as the rush of fiscal and monetary measures ebbs.
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Maritime transport is the backbone of international trade and is an integral part of the global supply chain – transporting raw materials to refineries, refined goods to factories and manufactured items to consumers. In fact, shipping accounts for about 80-90% of global trading activity, with its cargo carrying capacity doubling since 2005.
Hedging against persistent elevated inflation
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The outlook for inflation is one that should stay elevated for the next 10 years due to ESG cost integration and a tight oil and natural gas supply. Infrastructure should consequently benefit from the demand for real assets and a significant push towards infrastructure particularly digitalization as the economy quickly adapts to a new emerging…
Opening the ‘S’ frontier
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Why investors should care about the ‘S’ in ‘ESG’ October 2021 Key highlights The idea that addressing – and investing in – social issues is good for business, is becoming more widely shared by investors Social considerations, are important factors not only in corporate performance—making companies more diverse, stable and resilient, but also in social…